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Boy Meets World: 6×19 Season 6 Episode 19 Watch Online Free - 123Movies

Bee True

The series returns to form as Cory and Shawn unite for the last time as a “bad boy” team to help Mr. Feeny, whose hesitation in declaring his feelings for Dean Bolander looks like a fatal mistake when her ex-husband Curits returns from an expedition bent on winning her back. Shawn and Cory trash the interloper’s lab and blame in on a jealous rage by Feeny — who then saves Dean Bolander’s life for real by swatting the rare bee brought back by Curits just before it stings his highly allergic love. She explains that she was not taken in for a moment by the boys’ ruse — just impressed that Feeny’s students care about him so much. Meanwhile, Rachel challenges Jack to take her out on a real date.

Boy Meets World: 6×19 Season 6 Episode 19
Apr. 09, 1999

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